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I'm a person & developer thinking about art, learning, computation, communities and systems. Previously, I worked at Sentry, writing open source tools to help people find and fix errors.

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Or in a few projects of mine?

New New York Times

A twitter bot that records the first time The New York Times says a new word.

Webcam Shader Sketches

A collection of filters you can interact with via video input from your webcam. Implemented as fragment shaders using with regl and glslify.

Spotify Song Block

A small webservice for blocking songs, artists, or albums on Spotify.


An agent-based neuro-genetic simulation. Creatures are controlled by a neural network and over time the population evolves to efficiently find food.

Fridge Poet

A web toy for writing fridge-magnet style poetry. Word suggestions are based on markov chain analysis of famous poets, and you can select which model to run.


Lo-fi math function visualization sandbox. Check out the gallery.

Other interests: simulation, software design, lisp, weird videogames, democratized & distributed computing, biking, cooking, electronics, fiction, folk punk / post rock / hip hop, intersectional feminism, math, twitter bots, unix, vegetables, machine learning, graphics, watercolors

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