Welcome to my web page </marquee>

I'm a developer & artist interested in democratized, distributed, and de-militarized computing.

That sounds cool but it's mostly aspirational. I do make art and some weird computer programs though, you can find some of that here and on my social media.

I also care a lot about learning, community, and communication.

I used to work at Sentry, writing open source tools to help people find and fix errors. Lately, I'm employed by Google, doing stuff on the Fuchsia operating system.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by... perhaps I could interest you in some hyperlinks?

Or in a few projects of mine?

New New York Times

A twitter bot that records the first time The New York Times says a new word.

Webcam Shader Sketches

A collection of filters you can interact with via video input from your webcam. Implemented as fragment shaders using with regl and glslify.

Spotify Song Block

A small webservice for blocking songs, artists, or albums on Spotify.


An agent-based neuro-genetic simulation. Creatures are controlled by a neural network and over time the population evolves to efficiently find food.

Fridge Poet

A web toy for writing fridge-magnet style poetry. Word suggestions are based on markov chain analysis of famous poets, and you can select which model to run.


Lo-fi math function visualization sandbox. Check out the gallery.

Other interests: programming languages, weird videogames, riding a bike, cooking, electronics, fiction, folk punk, intersectional feminism, anarchism, math, operating systems, vegetables, graphics, watercolors