Projects & Games


Loving homage to the falling sand genre of games. Online interactive sandbox and lovable chaotic artistic community. Built in Rust+WebGL.

New New York Times

A twitter bot that records the first time The New York Times says a new word. Covered by the NYT in 2019, and got to tweet its own name.  [more info]


Recursive pastel rainbow bubble wrap fidget toy that I'm weirdly satisfied with.

Webcam Shader Sketches

A collection of filters you can interact with via video input from your webcam. Implemented as fragment shaders using with regl and glslify.

Fridge Poet

A web toy for writing fridge-magnet style poetry. Word suggestions are based on markov chain analysis of famous poets, and you can select which model to run.


An agent-based neuro-genetic simulation. Creatures are controlled by a neural network and over time the population evolves to efficiently find food.


Lo-fi math function visualization sandbox. Check out the gallery.

Hunt Night

A short story game built in pico-8.

Can't Sleep

A flick game about insomnia.

Lunar Bocce

The beautiful game of Bocce ball, in space, for two+ players.

Ethical Fishing Simulator

Local two player game exploring tradgedy of the commons, with a cool flocking algorithm.


This is an interactive swirling particle simulator that reacts to touch.